It's a time-tested combination of non-irritating, non-toxic and non-ionic synthetic detergents specially developed to neutralize and remove carbon black. Its formulation is similar to liquid shampoos; and it contains non-ionic dispersants similar to those used in food processing. When a rinse is used for final cleansing, it reacts as a water softener. And it's completely biodegradable.


It contains no kerosene, no volatile solvents, no ammonia or no harsh alkalies to irritate and dry out skin. It's the answer for personal hygiene and plant cleanliness where carbon black is a frequent or ever-present contaminant.

Multi-Purpose Efficiency
For Personnel:
  1. Apply WUZ-BLAK* generously and rub on skin or hair to loosen carbon black particles before water is used.
  2. Rinse liberally with water. Continue to rinse until blackened area disappears.

For Plant and Equipment:

  1. Spray coating over walls and machinery...just wipe it off. For floors, apply thoroughly and mop. Do not add water yet.
  2. Rinse area with water until carbon black particles are loosened and removed.
  3. Clean area with standard, industrial cleaning agent to remove grease, if necessary.

Available in 55-gallon drums and 275 gallon returnable totes. Easy to Store.

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WUZ-BLAK* is a registered trademark of J J White Products, Inc.